Alberta cyclist injured after driving into head-level barbed wire strung across trail

A cyclist told RCMP wire was strung across two trees on a small trail in West Bragg Creek, Alta. Global News

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Cyclists in Alberta are posting messages of caution after a mountain biker was injured by wire strung between two trees on a small trail in West Bragg Creek.

RCMP told Global News it happened at about 8 p.m. on Wednesday.

“He was going down a hill when he was injured by the barbed wire,” Cpl. Curtis Peters said.

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The man who was injured described the wire as being about six-and-a-half to seven feet up from the ground, RCMP said.

The wire hit him on the clavicle/neck area while he was going downhill, standing up on his bike, and he was knocked onto the ground.

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RCMP provided this photo of the victim’s missing bike. Provided by RCMP

Police said his friend took the wire down, then they went back to their car and drove to hospital.

Peters said the man was treated for minor injuries.

The victim told RCMP he left his bike on the trail and when his friend returned the next day to retrieve it, the bike was gone.

The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association and Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance both posted about the incident on their online profiles, encouraging “immense caution” while riding in the area.

RCMP are asking anyone with information to call the Cochrane detachment at 403-932-2211 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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