Baseball exhibit opens in Montreal City Hall

Exploring the history of baseball in Montreal
WATCH: A new exhibition on the history of baseball is being unveiled as part of Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations. As Global's Matt Grillo reports, about 120 pieces of memorabilia will be on display.

Those looking to experience a moment of nostalgia can now do so at Montreal City Hall where a new baseball exhibit has opened to the public.

On display are historic baseball objects from various former Montreal Expos players.

Some items include: autographed baseballs, baseball bats, gloves and awards won by players throughout the years.

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Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre insists the city is ready to have an MLB team.

“If we move a team or there’s expansion, Montreal will be ready,” Coderre said.

Coderre has been pushing for years to get a team back in Montreal.

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The Expos final season was in 2004.

“We have enough artifacts, we could have built a big museum,” Coderre said. “I think we need a baseball museum eventually. That would be fun.”

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For now, there’s no clear timeline as to when or if Montreal will get a team.

“We’re connecting the dots, we are doing what we have to do,” Coderre said. “We don’t pull the flower to make it grow faster, but it’s growing.”

Coderre said five years ago there were many people who were skeptical about bringing baseball back, but that has changed.

“There’s a lot of hope, there’s a lot of people who believe in it,” Coderre said.

The exhibit will remain open until August 19th.