Cirque du Soleil prepares for opening night in London

Acrobats perfected their acts while crews put finishing touches on stage props behind the scenes at Budweiser Gardens Wednesday, ahead of Cirque du Soleil’s opening night in London.

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The show — named OVO — focuses on an ecosystem teeming with life, where insects become awestruck by a mysterious egg that appears in their midst.

“It’s a very, very sweet story,” Svetlana Delouse told AM980. She plays the red spider character, and is one of 50 performing artists to make up the performance, which will play at Budweiser Gardens seven times over the next few days.

“It’s about a colony of bugs. It’s kind of the day in a life of a group of bugs, and then a foreigner arrives, and a bit of a love story plays out.”

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Delouse hails from Vancouver, but the troupe consists of artists from 12 countries. They bring the show to various cities, hauling 19 trucks worth of equipment wherever they go.

Artists put final touches on stage props.
Stage props are painted in detail.
Artists watch past performances, to find room for improvement.
The show must set up it's own costume area, where 1000 pieces are taken care of, fixed, and washed.

“It’s always fun being in a new city. That’s what makes the show fresh every week. We get to meet a new audience, get used to a new arena, and I like being on the go. It keeps everything interesting, and it keeps us really engaged,” Delouse said.

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Tickets are available for the show, which opens at Budweiser Gardens at 7:30 Wednesday night. There will be performances on Thursday and Friday evening, as well as two performances each on Saturday and Sunday.

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