Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump defend father over Kathy Griffin incident, alleged Russia ties

Click to play video: 'Trump sons call Russia probe a ‘witch hunt,’ accuse Kathy Griffin of playing a ‘victim’' Trump sons call Russia probe a ‘witch hunt,’ accuse Kathy Griffin of playing a ‘victim’
Trump sons call Russia probe a 'witch hunt,' accuse Kathy Griffin of playing a 'victim' – Jun 6, 2017

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, the two sons of U.S. President Donald Trump, appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday and fiercely defended their father, who’s been facing a number of critics as of late.

Most notably, President Trump is under scrutiny for alleged Russian collusion during the presidential election.

The Trump sons, now the “bosses” of the Trump Hotel business, say that the investigation is nothing more than an effort to undermine their father’s presidency.

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The Russia investigation is “the greatest hoax of all time,” said Eric. “I was there throughout the campaign.”

“It reads and smells like a witch hunt,” agreed Donald Jr.

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GMA interviewer Tom Llamas also asked the brothers about the Kathy Griffin “beheading” photo incident on May 30, when the comedian posted a graphic picture of herself holding a fake bloody Trump head.

Donald Jr. thinks the Trump response was adequate, especially considering the shocking nature of the photo. President Trump tweeted a brief response to Griffin’s photo before Donald Jr. and Trump’s wife, Melania, joined the fray.

“As a mother, a wife, and a human being, that photo is very disturbing,” said Melania in a statement. “When you consider some of the atrocities happening in the world today, a photo opportunity like this is simply wrong and makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it.”

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Donald Jr. posted a Vulture article to Twitter in response, pointing out that Griffin once said it was acceptable to mock his half-brother (President Trump’s son), Barron, now 11.

When asked about it on GMA, Donald Jr. didn’t mince words about Griffin’s act.

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“Naturally, I was pretty disgusted,” he said. “Everyone who’s watching right now saw what happened. They saw my father’s response. They saw the First Lady’s response about her son and how it affected him. They saw my response. I don’t think we’ve ever been so measured, perhaps, on a relative basis. I don’t think we did anything inappropriate. But then to run and claim victimhood? She deserves everything that’s coming to her.”

After posting an online apology, in a televised press conference Griffin said that Trump “broke” her, and her career was essentially over.

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The Trump brothers are working on a new project — a group of budget-friendly hotels under the moniker “American Idea.” Their intention is to cater to so-called Trump Country, to fill an area they feel is missing in affordable hotel options.

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Both brothers reiterated to GMA that their latest hotel plans have “nothing to do with politics.” They also pointedly said their father has no conflicts of interest with his former businesses.

(Watch the interview clip at the top of the page.)

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