Four weeks of non-stop flood fight in central Okanagan

Non-stop flood fight nearing one month

It’s been a 28-day flood fight in the central Okanagan and it’s still far from over.

Backyards in West Kelowna’s Green Bay Mobile Home Park are under a foot or more of water after a canal that runs through the park overflowed.

The excess water is coming from Okanagan Lake, which has continued to rise daily for more than two weeks. A temporary dam has now been put in place at the mouth of the canal, but it had some leakage issues overnight.

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Emergency crews were back on scene Friday to patch up the leaks and are hoping the dam will now fully stop the incoming water from Okanagan Lake.

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“I think we’re going to see a considerable difference,” West Kelowna park supervisor Stacey Harding said.

The Gellatly Bay walkway is partially underwater. The city has closed it down indefinitely.

There is a similar scene near Kerry Park in Kelowna: sandbags line the boardwalk, but Okanagan Lake is still spilling over.

The city added a pump beside Kerry Park Wednesday and an additional pump is set to be installed by the yacht club after storm water partially flooded Water Street earlier this week.

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Central Okanagan Emergency Operations is urging owners who are using pumps to flush water out of their homes and properties to make sure that water isn’t being put into storm drains.