Judge rules against union in fight to save STC

Judge rules the provincial government has the authority to shut down the Saskatchewan Transportation Company. File / Global News

A judge has ruled that the provincial government has the authority to shut down the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC).

In a decision released Friday, Justice L.M. Schwann said she found no grounds to find any legal flaws in the government’s decision stop funding STC in the provincial budget.

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“This was a decision made by the Government of Saskatchewan for economic, policy and political purposes and it is not reviewable by this Court,” Schwann wrote in her 45-page decision.

Schwann acknowledged the “creation and sustainability of Crown corporations has been a divisive political issue in Saskatchewan since their inception.”

“Even the prospect of change evokes intense and passionate response from both politicians and electorate alike.”

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Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1374 had sought an injunction, asking the court to stop the government from closing down the Crown-owned bus service.

The union had argued that the provincial government had not followed the Crown Corporations Act and the Canadian Labour Code.

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Schwann said the government acted with its legal rights when it issued an order in council to wind up and dissolve STC.

“[Legislation] entrusts the Lieutenant Governor in Council with the authority to pass subordinate legislation in the form of an order in council authorizing the wind-up and dissolution of a CIC Crown corporation,” Schwann wrote.

“The exercise of that power by the Lieutenant Governor in Council in relation to STC was taken within the ambit of the empowering statute.”

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The Saskatchewan government announced in March that it would close STC, putting 224 people out of work.

The government said it would cost $85 million to keep the Crown corporation running for the next five years.

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Crown Investments Corporation Minister Joe Hargrave, who is also the minister responsible for STC, said they are pleased with the judgment and will continue with wind-up operations.

STC will cease operations on May 31, 2017. Administration staff will continue to work for an undetermined period until wind-up operations are complete.

The government said STC will continue to service Greyhound customers until late September 2017.

With files from The Canadian Press