B.C. professor’s sleep technique gets attention from Oprah

Click to play video: 'SFU professor gets world-wide attention for sleep method'
SFU professor gets world-wide attention for sleep method
ABOVE: An SFU professor is getting attention, including from Oprah Winfrey, for helping people “shuffle” their way to sleep. Nadia Stewart reports – May 2, 2017

A Simon Fraser University professor is getting international attention and a shout-out from Oprah for helping her get to sleep.

Luc Beaudoin, a cognitive science adjunct professor, says he came up with the method after he was having trouble falling asleep sometimes.

“I figured if we can better understand sleep onset maybe we can devise some techniques to help the brain put itself to sleep,” said Beaudoin.

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He created an app called mySleepButton, which is designed to help your mind think of other things when you’re trying to fall asleep. The app will mention words or things and you are required to imagine them.

The technique appears to be so effective, it has caught the attention of Oprah and Forbes Magazine.

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“What you need to do, in terms of this theory, is get the brain thinking it’s OK to fall asleep,” said Beaudoin. “So you’re not thinking about stressful things while using this technique.”

“What I propose is not a replacement for everything you’ve learned about sleep, but it’s kind of an addition to solve the problem of ‘how am I going to drive my mind when I’m in bed trying to fall asleep?'”

— With files from Nadia Stewart

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