RCMP lay human smuggling charge after investigation into asylum seekers crossing border into Sask.

A human smuggling charge was laid on April 15 after an investigation into asylum seekers crossing the U.S. border into Saskatchewan. File / Global News

A human smuggling charge has been laid in connection with an investigation into asylum seekers crossing the United States border into Saskatchewan, RCMP said Tuesday.

RCMP said the charge was laid on April 15. Police have not provided any further details at this time but a press conference is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in Regina.

In February, Saskatchewan RCMP said they had not intercepted any migrant people who have attempted to cross the border illegally in 2017.

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However in March, five irregular border crossing attempts from the United States into Saskatchewan were reported. All five were members of the same family and were intercepted by United States Border Patrol personnel on the U.S. side of the border.

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The five people never crossed the border and remained in the United States.
Manitoba has seen an influx of border crossings. As of March, more than 200 asylum seekers have illegally crossed into Canada near Emerson, Man.

Officials in the Rural Munipality of Piney in Manitoba also said two separate groups of asylum seekers illegally crossed the Canada/U.S. border in the area at the end of March.

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