Mother’s Day in Hollywood: The biggest mama’s boys (and girls)

Ryan Gosling (R) and mother Donna Gosling arrive at 'Ides Of March' Premiere during the 2011 TIFF in Toronto, Canada. Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate all the lovely things that your mother does for you year-round.

Some Hollywood stars get tribute tattoos or take part in public declarations of mom-love, but what we see most often is actors bringing their mom as a red carpet date to the latest award show or movie premiere.

In honour of Mother’s Day, here are some celebrities that celebrate their moms in the best possible ways.

Mama’s Boys

Ryan Gosling:

Ryan Gosling frequently walks the red carpet with his mother, Donna, on his arm. In 2013 he brought her to the Los Angeles Premiere of Gangster Squad.

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

The also actor brought her to the 2011 premiere of Ides of March. 

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Jason Merritt/Getty Images

They’ve also appeared on other red carpets together, including the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ Governors Awards in November 2010 and the 79th Oscars, where he brought both his mom and sister Mandi Gosling in 2007.

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In 2012, he also made sure that his girlfriend, Eva Mendes, spent quality time with his mother early on in their relationship. The same year, Gosling watched as his mother graduated from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Gosling also gushed about the women in his life at a 2015 screening of Lost River: “I grew up with two incredible women, my mother and sister, and naturally my way of looking at the world was shaped by a female perspective.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson:

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared a touching personal story on Mother’s Day in 2015, as he and his mother, Ata Johnson, reflected on his success after years of struggling to make any money at all.

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He posted a photo of his mother sitting on an airplane about to eat breakfast and wrote: “I’m sittin’ across from my mom when out of the blue she looks around the plane, then looks at me and says “Son, I can’t believe the life I have… grandma and grandpa would be so proud.”

“This is the woman who when I was 14 years old we were evicted out of our apartment in Hawaii ’cause we couldn’t afford the $180 per week rent. At this moment I’m shaking my head and smiling quietly (as my mom blows her nose) ’cause she just told me she’s happy.”

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He bought his mom a car in 2012 and posted her reaction on Facebook. “At 14 I saw my mom crying about our only car being repossessed.This felt good,’  Johnson wrote after he bought his mother a Cadillac Escalade.

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Mother’s Day in Hollywood: The biggest mama’s boys (and girls) - image
(The Rock/Instagram)

The former WWE star has graced many red carpets with his mother by his side. They attended the HBO Ballers Season 2 red carpet premiere together on July 14, 2016.

Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for HBO

The actor also recently brought his mom to the premiere of Moana.

Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s mother, Irmelin DiCaprio, has been his date for several of his red carpet appearances, from Titanic to many film festivals.

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DiCaprio thanked his mother while accepting his BAFTA award for best actor for The Revenant in 2016. “There’s one person I have to thank. I would not be standing up here if it weren’t for this person. I didn’t grow up in a life of privilege – I grew up in a very rough neighborhood in East Los Angeles, and this women drove me for three hours a day to a different school to show me a different opportunity. It is her birthday today. So Mom, happy birthday. I love you very much.”

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The Oscar winner dropped more than $13,000 on a Chanel purse for his mother in 2015 while attending the Heart Fund Gala in Cannes. The bag was sold as part of an auction to benefit the charity, and DiCaprio told reporters that he purchased the accessory for his mom. He didn’t get the purse easily, as he had to endure a bidding war against Paris Hilton.

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Toronto rapper Drake has celebrated his mother, Sandi Graham, by often dedicating lyrics, songs and social media posts to her.

“Happy Mothers Day to my tiny hero. Love you so much,” Drake captioned a photo in 2015 on Instagram (below).

Mother’s Day in Hollywood: The biggest mama’s boys (and girls) - image

Drake wished his mom a happy birthday by posting a video of her blowing out candles on Instagram in 2016.

“I do this all for you. Happy Birthday my angel,” he captioned the video.

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His song You & The 6, which appeared on his surprise album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, is a tribute to his mom with the lyrics: “They will not tear nothing down I built this home for you mama/ Know I don’t call enough mama/ I just been working with so little time for personal mama/ Hard labour let me pay the price/ You and the Six raised me right that s**t saved my life.”

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Drake and his mom have been spotted at many events together, including the Juno Awards and numerous sporting events.

On November 25, 2015, the pair sat courtside while they watched the Toronto Raptors play against the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Air Canada Centre.

On August 14, 2015, Drake and his mother were spotted at Toronto’s Aviva Centre watching Serena Williams play against Roberta Vinci at the Rogers Cup.

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In an interview in 2013, Drake said of his mother, “My mother is an incredible woman… I talk about her a lot on this album [Nothing Was The Same, released Sept. 24]. She’s brought me to this point single-handedly… She’s the most important person in my life.”

On Drake’s latest album, More Life, his mom quotes Michelle Obama in the song Can’t Have Everything. Sandi reminds her son to stay confident and avoid negative energy near the end of the song.

It sounds like a voicemail being played over top of the track. His mom can be heard saying: “You know, hon, I’m a bit concerned about this negative tone that I’m hearing in your voice these days.” She concludes her message with the Obama quote, “When others go low, we go high.”

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Mama’s Girls

Kate Hudson:

When Kate Hudson first burst onto the Hollywood scene in the movie Almost Famous, many people couldn’t help but notice her uncanny resemblance to her mother, Goldie Hawn.

In 2013, when Hawn and Hudson were asked if they see the resemblance, Hawn admitted she does.

Hudson said, “I used to say, ‘Why do people say that? I look nothing like my mom,’ but I sometimes walk across a mirror and just get a glance and I see it.”

“What makes mom the best is that she never put any expectations too high on the kids,” Hudson told People in 2016. “She just wanted us to be doing the things that made us happy, as long as we were working hard, but we never had to live up to something.”

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When asked about the best advice her mom has ever given her, Hudson said, “It’s not really advice so much as she’s my confidante and we talk about our life and her life, and we support each other now that I’m an adult. Where she’s really wonderful is leading an authentic life and a truthful life.”

Hudson paid a loving tribute to her mom and Kurt Russell by sharing a throwback photo of the famous couple from the 1980s on Instagram in March.

“Mama Goldie and Pa killing it 80’s style. I forgot to post a note on my parents 34th Anniversary so I figure why not now. A belated happy one my dear parents. Love you madly, deeply, profoundly ❤,” she captioned the photo.

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Hawn and Russell celebrated their 34th anniversary together on Valentine’s Day this year.

After a 15-year hiatus, Hawn is making her return to the big screen in the comedy Snatched.

Her daughter interviewed her for the May issue of Interview Magazine.

“This is very dangerous,” Hudson began the interview by stating. “I’ve never had the opportunity to ask you about your career. People always ask me, ‘What advice has your mother given you?’ And my answer is always, ‘We don’t talk about that kind of thing.’”

Hudson also questioned her mom on why she chose to wait 15 years to make her next movie. “Because I believe that life is about doing. It’s about changing. It’s about transitioning,” Hawn answered.

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Kris Jenner’s children (Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, Kylie & Rob)

Kris Jenner has six uber-famous children —Kourtney, Khloé, Kim, Rob, Kendall and Kylie — who celebrate her all the time for being their mom and their “momager.”

Denise Truscello/WireImage

Jenner turned the Kardashian name into a multi-million dollar brand and she manages all six of her kid’s careers, as well as her own.

Kim recently shared a photo of herself on Instagram dressed exactly like her mother, and captioned the photo “Kris Jenner vibes.”

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All her daughters shared their love for her 61st birthday last November when they took to their apps with tributes.

Kendall, 21, said: “Happy birthday to the most amazing mom a girl could ever ask for!”

Kylie, 19, wrote: “Happy birthday to the best mother ever!!! You’re the one person I admire most and you inspire me in everything I do. I can only hope to be half the businesswoman you are! I love how close we are and the sweet little texts you send me.”

Khloé, 32, said: “It’s the HBIC’s (Head B*tch In Command) bday!! Kris Jenner is hands down the ultimate momager.”

Kourtney, 38, wrote: “Love you. Happy birthday mommy!!! I will treasure you always for the incredible things you do for us, the invaluable lessons you have taught us, and for the unconditional way you love us. Have the best day.”

At the time, Kim, 36, still remained silent and out of the limelight after being robbed at gunpoint during Paris Fashion Week last October. But her Kimoji team shared a nice message and offered some gifts for her fans to purchase.

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“In honor of Kris Jenner’s birthday, the KIMOJI team turned her into a KIMOJI!”

Mother’s Day in Hollywood: The biggest mama’s boys (and girls) - image

When Jenner turned 30 years old in 1985, she made a music video to share with her family and friends. For her 60th birthday, the Kardashian-Jenner women recreated that video with a little help from their friends. They introduced their parody video of I Love My Friends to her new friends alongside a cast of other famous faces, including Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Cindy Crawford.

>Just like the original video, the scenes are shot in Southern California and inter-cut many celebrities telling the camera, “She loves you!” The original music video was a play on I Love LA by Randy Newman.

The family shared the video at Jenner’s Great Gatsby-themed birthday party.


Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, has been by the singer’s side in the music business since 1990 when she was a member of girl group, Girl Tyme.

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Most recently, the Lemonade songstress paid a touching tribute to her mother online after raising almost $1 million at her inaugural Wearable Art Gala.

The gathering was held at the California African American Museum to raise funds for Knowles-Lawson’s new WACO (Where Art Can Occur) Theater Centre, which she co-founded with her husband, Richard Lawson.

Beyoncé shared photos from the event on Instagram, posing with her mother, her sister Solange and former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland.

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“I am super proud of my beautiful mother for creating such an awesome event,” she wrote.

“Mom, you inspire us all to be generous, selfless, positive, to have empathy, to love and to praise creativity in the world,” she continued. “It brought tears to my eyes to be a witness to what you and Richard have created together. WACO is a safe place truly Where Art Can Occur. I love you.”

The New York Times published a profile of Knowles-Lawson in January and for the profile, the publication got the chance to ask Beyoncé a couple questions, which she answered “on email, coordinated through a publicist.”

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“I think it was important to my mother to surround us with positive, powerful, strong images of African and African-American art so that we could reflect and see ourselves in them,” Beyoncé said. “My mother has always been invested in making women feel beautiful,” she continued, “whether it was through someone sitting in her hair chair or making a prom dress for one of the girls at church. And her art collection always told the stories of women wanting to do the same.”

Before Beyoncé stepped on stage at this year’s Grammys, Knowles-Lawson had the opportunity to give a heartfelt introduction.

“I am proud of their accomplishments, their self-confidence, and their desire to make a difference,” she said. But she admitted that what makes her most proud “is the devotion and love” she sees Beyoncé has for Blue Ivy and for “all of those around her.”

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Zoë Kravitz:

Zoë Kravitz and her mother, Lisa Bonet, may be the most convincing mother-daughter lookalikes in Hollywood.

Kravitz and the former The Cosby Show actress attended the Met Gala in 2015 with Bonet’s ex-husband and Zoë’s father, Lenny Kravitz.

The former couple, who were married from 1987 to 1993,  also attended the 2016 Saint Laurent at the Palladium event in Los Angeles in February 2016, with Zoë.

Mother’s Day in Hollywood: The biggest mama’s boys (and girls) - image

Speaking about her parents’ relationship, Zoë told Ocean Drive magazine in March 2015 that the two “have so much love for each other,” and that Kravitz and her stepfather, Jason Momoa, “get along really well.”

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When news of the Bill Cosby case came about, many people were questioning Kravitz if her mother had more information on the case. In an interview with The Guardian, Kravitz revealed that Bonet tends to keep her mouth shut regarding the situation.

“She hasn’t, she really hasn’t [talked],” Kravitz said. “She’d plead the fifth, even to me. I think she’s just staying out of it. She’s just as disgusted and concerned as everyone else is, but I don’t think she has any insight. It’s news to her as well.”

Kravitz said she understands why people might assume her mother has inside information.

“Of course,” she says. “She was on the show for a long time. She’s also a beautiful woman. It makes people wonder.”

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Bonet presented her daughter with the Breakthrough Style Star award onstage during the InStyle Awards at Getty Center in October 2015.

Calvin Klein released an ad in January 2016 featuring the pair. “Mother daughter #ckminute. @ZoeKravitz + Lisa Bonet, as feat. in the 2016 Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry campaign,” the fashion brand wrote.

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