Christy Clark is most disliked party leader running in B.C. election: poll

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark pauses while addressing the LNG in BC Conference in Vancouver, B.C., on Wednesday October 14, 2015.
British Columbia Premier Christy Clark pauses while addressing the LNG in BC Conference in Vancouver, B.C., on Wednesday October 14, 2015.

Premier Christy Clark’s popularity is dipping with less than two months until the provincial election, according to a national poll on the performance of premiers across Canada.

Clark’s popularity fell four points to 31 per cent this quarter, ranking her fourth of the most-popular premiers in the country, according to the Angus Reid Institute poll.

On the least-popular side, Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne’s approval rating also dropped four points to only 12 per cent.

A subsequent public opinion poll from Angus Reid, also published Friday, reported that three-quarters of B.C. residents (76 per cent) believe the current Liberal government is “only interested in helping its political donors and big business.”

But 62 per cent of people in the poll also said the opposition parties don’t have a plan to help British Columbians.

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Clark’s approval rating had previously grown eight per cent between May and December 2016, but Angus Reid says last quarter’s drop doesn’t necessarily mean her party is doomed in May’s election.

Angus Reid Institute

For instance, the premier’s lowest approval rating was 25 per cent, two months before the Liberals took a majority government in the 2013 B.C. election.

But the poll also found Clark is the most disliked candidate running in this spring’s election.

Angus Reid Institute

Among the opposition, leaders of the B.C. NDP and Green Party appear to have a more favourable impression among voters, the poll said.

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NDP leader John Horgan had an approval rating of 42 per cent, with 35 per cent of respondents saying they disapproved of the candidate and 23 per cent saying they weren’t sure.

Green Party leader Andrew Weaver was approved by 36 per cent of respondents, while 22 per cent said they disapproved and 42 per cent said they weren’t sure.

Meanwhile, 62 per cent of respondents said they disapproved of Clark, while only seven per cent weren’t sure.

Clark’s government has recently come under fire for taking large political donations from lobbyists and corporations, including through cash-for-access dinners and events.

The RCMP is now investigating possible violations of British Columbia’s Election Act related to indirect political fundraising contributions and other unspecified contraventions.

Other tenuous issues for Clark’s government in recent months include their response to B.C.’s ongoing opioid and affordable housing crises and unfounded hacking allegations made against the NDP.

Angus Reid’s poll was conducted online between March 6 and 13, 2017 and surveyed 604 British Columbian adults who are part of the Angus Reid Forum.


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