Truck hits bottom of 32 Avenue overpass on southbound Deerfoot Trail

Southbound Deerfoot Trail on Tuesday, March 16, 2017. .
Southbound Deerfoot Trail on Tuesday, March 16, 2017. . Global News

Drivers on Deerfoot Trail  were faced with backups around 32 Avenue N.E. on Thursday after a large truck struck the underside of the overpass.

It happened in the southbound lanes just before 8 a.m.

Police said the collision caused some debris to come loose and fall, hitting at least one other vehicle.

Chance Pal was driving on Deerfoot Trail when the crash happened and told Global News he heard the truck hit the bridge.

“I was doing like 105 km/h and we were directly beside each other — me and the tractor-trailer. I thought an earthquake went off. It was loud.”

“I immediately pulled over and I called an ambulance for him.”

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The incident caused the closure of the southbound right lane.

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A sign posted on the overpass indicates it has a clearance of 5.4 m.