Winnipeg firefighters give the boot to muscular dystrophy

WATCH: Winnipeg firefighters campout on the Osborne Village Fire Hall fundraise for muscular dystrophy.

WINNIPEG — Members of Winnipeg’s fire department are braving the cold and camping out on top of a fire hall as part of a charity fundraiser.

This is their eighth annual firefighter rooftop campout, which raises money for muscular dystrophy.

Five firefighetrs suited up and set up tents on top of the Osborne Village Fire Hall at 150 Osborne Street on Tuesday. The crew will be there until Friday raising funds and awareness.

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If you would like to donate to the cause you can head to the firehall and place donations in a boot which the fireghters will lower from the roof top. There will also be firefighters walking on Osborne Street during rush hour collecting donations from drivers and pedestrians. You can also donate online.

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Last year the campers raised nearly $90,000. The goal is to raise more than $100,000 this year.

Global’s Timm Bruch joined the campers on the roof early Wednesday morning. The crew was up exercising doing squats on the roof trying to stay warm.

“We had an issue with our heater last night and had to call in some helping hands to set up some space heaters down to keep us somewhat warm,”Chad Swayze, with the Winnipeg Fire Department said. “It’s still -5 or -10 in the tent and sleeping in sleeping bags can be a little chilly.”

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The money raised will stay in Manitoba and will go toward muscular dystrophy research.

The campers were wide awake early Wednesday morning ready to start the day.
Global's Timm Bruch also joined the fun.
Winnipeg firefighters camp out on Osborne Street firehall. Chad Swayze‏/Twitter

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