Children hilariously interrupt expert’s live international TV news interview

In a BBC interview that is blowing up the Internet, pundit Robert E. Kelly was giving a live TV interview on South Korean politics when his children barged into the room and stole the show.

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Kelly, of the Department of Political Science at Pusan National University, was being interviewed on very serious subject — the impeachment of South Korea’s president when one of his children walks in dancing, wearing a bright yellow sweater.

Kelly tries to keep his cool and block his child from the camera but isn’t successful. Seconds later, his other child rolls in the room in a walker and bashes into the desk, causing absolute chaos.

In the BBC clip, news presenter James Menendez attempts to carry on the interview while Kelly repeatedly apologizes.

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A woman then runs into the room trying to gather the children and scurry them away from the camera.

People on Twitter are reacting to the spectacle calling the incident hilarious, and commending Kelly for keeping his composure.

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