On Track St. Thomas releases design plans for Canada’s first elevated park

Artist's rendering of the Elevated Park upon completion in August 2017.
Artist's rendering of the Elevated Park upon completion in August 2017. Courtesy of 'On Track St. Thomas'

Plans for a first-of-its-kind park in St. Thomas have been released.

The On Track group, which bought and is now transforming the city’s sky-high rail bridge, said construction of the St. Thomas Elevated Park will begin by April.

“We’re taking this disused bridge and turning it into Canada’s first elevated park. The bridge is 30 feet wide and almost 900 feet long so it’s a big space up there,” On Track president Serge Lavoie told AM980.

“We’ve had people contact us, wanting to do sunset yoga classes or morning tai chi classes. There’s really no limit to what we can do up there.”

The first half of the park will be open to the public by the end of August and is expected to cost less than $300,000.

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“We’ll have the trees planted, we’ll have the decks in place, we’ll have the benches in place, we’ll have everything you need to enjoy the experiencing by the end of August,” Lavoie explained.

“It’ll be open all year round so you can enjoy it in all seasons. There will be public art up there, we’ve already commissioned two big iron sculptures to be up there. There’s just a whole variety of things that people will be able to do.”

The final cost will depend on how much space On Track plans to develop in the area over its 10-year plan but could be between $2 million and $6 million.

— With files from Jess Brady.