Unicity Taxi calling for faster police response times following bus driver homicide

Police on scene of a shooting where a Unicity Taxi cab was shot at February 5. Shaun McLeod

WINNIPEG — The president of Unicity Taxi is calling on the Manitoba Taxicab Board to start discussions on how to keep cab drivers in Winnipeg safe.

The call for help comes nearly a week after a Winnipeg Transit driver was killed by a passenger on a late night bus route.

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Gurmail Mangat with Unicity Taxi said both cab drivers and passengers need to know police will be fast to respond, if anything goes wrong in a taxi.

“Number one is police response. When people come to know that if anything happened to cab drivers, police would be there in to time, they’ll think twice,” Mangat said.

Efforts to contact the Manitoba Taxicab Board have gone unanswered for months Mangat said. He said drivers are getting frustrated.

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“Safety and some other issues from time to time we need to address, we need to work together as a team, and we’re getting a very poor response.”

Earlier in the month, a Unicity cab driver was injured after being shot by another driver in the Elmwood area.

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Mangat said something needs to change, before someone is seriously hurt.

“We don’t see any solutions here,” Mangat said. “When we see people in front of us, and talking with authority, we can resolve.”

Mangat said he hopes to talk with someone from the Taxicab board soon.

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