Not just for humans, camelina oil benefits horses

Click to play video: 'Not just for humans, camelina oil benefits horses' Not just for humans, camelina oil benefits horses
WATCH ABOVE: High in omega-3 fatty acids, camelina oil has a number of benefits when fed to horses. Saskatchewan based company Three Farmers has launched a new brand, Canpressco, to meet the demand created by ranchers – Feb 6, 2017

When Three Farmers launched their line of camelina oil, they weren’t expecting to be getting calls from horse owners. However the oil has just the right make up of fatty acids to benefit equine health.

The local company has branched out with Canpressco, a wholesale brand marketed directly for horses.

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Horse owners were seeing “amazing results in coat and skin health,” CEO of Canpresco products Natasha Vandenhurk, said, along with “joint and mobility in their movement, so managing arthritis pain, hoof health and even the mood of their horse. They were finding the omega-3 supplementation was helping calm their horse.”

The typical diet for a horse during the winter is a high grain ration, which can throw off the omega-3 to omega-6 balance that they need in their body.

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“Obviously horses are natural grazers, but here in Saskatchewan we don’t always have fresh green grass for them to graze on.”

Renie Schnitzler has been using Canpressco on her horses for about a month, and she was able to see a difference in coat health almost right away.

“They love to eat it,” says Scnitzler, “they lick the bottom of the tub to make sure they’ve gotten all of it.”


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