Montreal mosque vandalized: ‘It’s being investigated as a hate crime’

Montreal mosque vandalism being investigated as a hate crime
WATCH ABOVE: Vandals broke a window and threw eggs at the Khadijah Masjid Islamic Centre. Global's Elysia Bryan-Baynes reports.

Montreal police are investigating after a window was smashed and eggs were thrown at the Khadijah Masjid Islamic Centre in Pointe-Saint-Charles.

“It is being investigated as a hate crime,” said Montreal police spokesperson Daniel Lacoursiere.

He said the incident happened between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. on Thursday.

A mosque employee called police after discovering the vandalism.

Earlier in the week, graffiti appeared on the place of worship.

The mosque’s treasurer says people are on edge.

“I’m very surprised but also very nervous to have this kind of incident in this community,” Fazle Elahi Ashek Ahmad told Global News. “It has always been peaceful, we just want to integrate.”

Extra police officers have been placed outside the mosque as the investigation into the incident continues.

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“We are in this together,” said Musabbir Alam of the Canadian Muslim Alliance. “People are trying to divide us but we will stay united.”