Calgary dad upset by lack of change tables in public washrooms

Click to play video: 'Calgary father upset over lack of diaper change table at local restaurant' Calgary father upset over lack of diaper change table at local restaurant
WATCH ABOVE: A Calgary dad wants to know why more public washrooms don't have baby change tables. He needed to change his daughter's diaper at a restaurant but there was nowhere to do it. As Global's Tony Tighe reports, there is no regulation or guidelines for baby change rooms – Jan 17, 2017

Brian Aasen isn’t impressed with the Dairy Queen in his neighbourhood.

He was at the DQ in Shawnessy with his two-year-old daughter when he had to change her diaper.

There was no change table in the men’s washroom and he didn’t like the option he was given when he asked the staff about what he could do.

“The choice was either… (the) men’s bathroom floor or -30 C outside in the car,” Aasen said. “I’m going to a family establishment with my daughter on a daddy daughter time, so why can’t I have a place to change my kid’s diaper that’s safe and clean. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.”

He says he called the restaurant the next day and the owner/manager told him they had never thought of it and it had never been a problem before.

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“Our independently-owned and operated franchisees make the decision at the local level to provide changing tables in the restrooms of their restaurants,” Dairy Queen said in a statement. “While Dairy Queen Canada recommends franchisees make them available to their fans, they are not required.”

There are no municipal or provincial regulations or requirements for change tables in public washrooms.

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Restaurants Canada says it’s a customer courtesy and voluntary but the trend is changing with more unisex and family restrooms.

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“There’s an education and an awareness opportunity here in terms of creating more inclusive environments in all public places,” said Joyce Reynolds with Restaurants Canada.
“If more and more customers are asking for something, you’ll find the restaurants will provide it.”

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Aasen says he has seen other, newer Dairy Queens with change tables in all washrooms and feels it should be a company-wide policy.

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