Dakota Collegiate’s outdoor basketball court to be named after former coach

Dakota Collegiate’s outdoor basketball court to be named after former coach

WINNIPEG – Basketball is a big part of Dale Bradshaw’s life. But not as big as Dale Bradshaw is for basketball.

“We did quite a few things that some coaches didn’t do,” said the 78-year-old. “Some of them worked, some of them didn’t.”

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Between 1968 and 1982, Bradshaw coached Dakota Collegiate to five provincial basketball titles. He also led Team Manitoba to nine medals over a 15 year span.

“Every year was different,” said Bradshaw. “Every team was different. Every team was good.”

The Winnipegger has been honoured by several organizations for his work. In 2001, he was inducted into the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame.

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But of all the recognitions Bradshaw has received, the one he’s most proud of still has to be constructed. The outdoor basketball court that will be built at Dakota Collegiate next year will be named in his honour. Bradshaw received the news last month when he was in the hospital recovering from stomach cancer surgery.

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“When they came by, I was walking on air for about a week,” said Bradshaw. “I didn’t need as many painkillers.”

Bradshaw hopes he’ll be healthy enough to attend the court’s opening in August.

“When I look and see the people that it could have been named after, I feel lucky,” said Bradshaw.

After all, you have to be good to be lucky.