Halifax anti-violence advocate Quentrel Provo gets shout-out from MP Andy Fillmore

Click to play video 'Halifax MP Andy Fillmore recognizes anti-violence advocate Quentrel Provo in House of Commons' Halifax MP Andy Fillmore recognizes anti-violence advocate Quentrel Provo in House of Commons
Halifax MP Andy Fillmore gave anti-violence advocate and founder of Stop the Violence, Quentrel Provo a shout out in the House of Commons Thursday, for his work to curb crime in the city.

Halifax MP Andy Fillmore recognized the tireless efforts of prominent anti-violence activist Quentrel Provo Thursday in the House of Commons.

Provo, founder of the group Stop the Violence, has been a strong voice against crime in Halifax during a year that saw several young men killed in shootings.

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“Mr. Speaker, as you know our hometown of Halifax has recently seen a string of gun-related violence, when our community is hurting like this it can be difficult to know what the next steps should be,” he said.

“Well Mr. Speaker, a young man in Halifax has come through at a time when his community needs him most – Quentrel Provo is an anti-violence activist and the founder of Stop the Violence. After the tragic killing of his cousin Kaylin [Diggs], Quentrel began his years-long quest to spread the love through Halifax and beyond.”

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Since he started Stop the Violence in 2012, Provo has gained a reputation across the city and the province for his work to curb crime, through organizing marches, a social media campaign, community outreach and a clothing line.

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This year, Provo marked the first of what he hopes will be an annual Stop the Violence Day in June.

“In difficult times such as these, Quentrel and other dedicated anti-violence activists have shown strong community leadership in Halifax, and we are deeply grateful for it,” Fillmore said.

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