Extremely intoxicated ‘Postal Grinch’ caught opening post office packages

Christmas presents. Education Images/UIG via Getty Images

A Florida man is being accused of being a Christmas Grinch after authorities say he broke into a post office and tried to steal packages.

Francis Keller, 56, was arrested by the Boynton Beach Police Department and charged with burglary. Police say they found him inside a post office work room using scissors to open packages.

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Police said Keller, a former postal employee for 30 years, gained entry using an old security code for the door.

Authorities also said Keller was extremely intoxicated when he was found beside a cart full of open packages. According to police, he told officers he was planning to steal valuable items to buy crack.

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Records show Keller was being held in the Palm Beach County jail.

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It wasn’t known if Keller has a lawyer.