Montreal in review: 2016’s biggest local news stories

Residents evacuate following a fiery explosion on Highway 40, above Saint-Denis Street, Tuesday, August 9, 2016. Anne Leclair/Global News

From a fiery crash on Highway 40 to a father’s deadly mistake and Châteauguay residents finding out that Karla Homolka lives in their community, here are the top stories Global News covered in Montreal this year:

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Click to play video: 'Dramatic multi-car pile-up in Montreal' Dramatic multi-car pile-up in Montreal
Dramatic multi-car pile-up in Montreal – Dec 5, 2016

Winter pile-up

“Crazy morning outside the office.”

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Two transit buses, a police car, a snow plough and several cars smashed into each other on Beaver Hall Hill in downtown Montreal, seemingly unable to navigate the wintry weather.

READ THE STORY: Montreal transit buses, cars, trucks slam into each other in winter weather

Click to play video: 'Drugged at Osheaga? Montreal woman calls for change' Drugged at Osheaga? Montreal woman calls for change
Drugged at Osheaga? Montreal woman calls for change – Sep 28, 2016

Drugged at Osheaga

“They said they tried to find medics, or security or even a beer vendor to try to help and there was no help.”

Melanie Maxine Doucet, who claims she was given a date rape drug at Osheaga earlier this summer, is calling on change and action from Evenko and the City of Montreal.

READ THE STORY: Montreal woman calls for change after allegedly being drugged at Osheaga

Click to play video: 'Quebec father speaks out after forgetting son in hot car' Quebec father speaks out after forgetting son in hot car
Quebec father speaks out after forgetting son in hot car – Sep 7, 2016

Deadly mistake

“I’d never put the baby in the car alone. You don’t do that.”

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A heartbroken father is speaking out after realizing he left his infant son to die inside his parked car.

READ THE STORY: ‘I started screaming his name’: Devastated father speaks out after leaving baby to die in hot car

Kirkland coyote

“It looked hungry, so I figured I’ll give it a little bit of dog food.”

Whether on social media, in the news or just by word of mouth, Kirkland resident Jordan Furfaro has heard lots of chatter about the Kirkland coyote.

READ THE STORY: Kirkland coyote: don’t feed wild animals, expert warns

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Help with autism

“This is unacceptable that we are not providing this kind of treatment.”

Five-year-old Charlotte Kuhn has severe autism and is in desperate need for help, but she’s been on a waiting list for over a year.

READ THE STORY: Cry for help for girl with autism prompts outpouring of support, calls for legal action

Karla Homolka in Châteauguay

“I mean this is somebody that I’ve spoken to at the school and was very nice. I can’t put the two together. It doesn’t seem like it could be the same person but it is.”

Residents in Montreal’s south shore community of Châteauguay were in shock Tuesday after learning that Karla Homolka has reportedly been living in their midst for at least two years.

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READ THE STORY: Châteauguay residents in shock after learning Karla Homolka reportedly lives in community

Linking greater Montreal

“It will improve the metropolitan region’s overall competitiveness.”

The Caisse de Dépôt has announced its proposal for a public transit project that will link most areas of Greater Montreal.

READ THE STORY: Caisse announces major public transit project to link most of Greater Montreal

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Turcot construction underway

“We haven’t opened the windows in about a year because the dust is unbearable.”

Residents living near the Turcot Interchange construction site in Saint-Henri are concerned with the high levels of dirt and dust they say is being caused by the work nearby.

READ THE STORY: Saint-Henri residents complain of constant cleaning and coughing due to Turcot Interchange

Uber drama

Uber said it is scared it will lose drivers in Quebec because of “restrictive and complex” regulations in the province.

If Uber Quebec drivers total more than 100,000 hours of service in one week the provincial government will receive $1.33 per ride.

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READ THE STORY: Uber presents details of one-year pilot project in Quebec

Spying on journalists

“Not only is freedom of the press important, it’s one of the foundational safe-guards of a free democracy, a free society.”

The Quebec government has announced a full public inquiry into freedom of the press and the police surveillance of journalists.

READ THE STORY: Quebec to hold public inquiry into surveillance of journalists

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Fiery crash on Highway 40

“There’s smoke billowing in the air, it’s like the apocalypse. The sky is black.”

A tanker truck caught fire and exploded on the Metropolitan near Lejeunesse Street, killing at least one person and shutting down the highway in both directions.

READ THE STORY: ‘It’s like the apocalypse,’ one dead after fiery accident on Highway 40

Pit bull ban

“The Montreal SPCA has, at the core of its mission, the protection of all animals, regardless of species or breed.”

Montreal’s controversial breed-specific legislation was overturned in Quebec’s Court of Appeal.

READ THE STORY: Montreal pit bull ban: Quebec Court of Appeal reinstates bylaw


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