November 29, 2016 12:08 pm

Kentucky man faces 6 new charges after flipping out, threatening judge during court appearance

WATCH ABOVE: Kentucky man keeps getting additional charges added after he won't stop threatening the judge.


You might think that when appearing before a judge, it’s generally best to be respectful and say as little as possible.

One Kentucky inmate learned that lesson the hard way last week when a routine court appearance descended into farce thanks to his brash behaviour, which netted him an additional six charges.

Michael Ray, 36, appeared in Jefferson County court Friday for a bond hearing relating to four criminal charges, including terroristic threatening and assault in the second degree.

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The routine proceeding starts normally enough, but things go off the rails after the prosecutor requests a US$25,000 bond – and Ray laughs out loud.

“You think that’s funny,” the judge is heard asking Ray as cameras in the courtroom are rolling.

“I think that’s hilarious,” Ray responds.

Call that strike one.

“All right, so bond is $50,000,” the judge replies. “No bail credit. He’s lucky I didn’t hold him in contempt. He thinks these are funny charges.”

That’s enough to further agitate Ray, who decides to physically threaten the judge.

“I hope I see you on the streets,” Ray shouts, before giving the judge the middle finger.

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At that point the judge warns Ray that she’ll hold him in contempt of court if he continues his behaviour.

“I don’t really give a **** what you’re holding me in,” Ray replies.

“You’re just making it worse man,” a police officer sheepishly tries to warn Ray, prompting him to call the officer “worthless” and throw another obscenity at him.

In response, the judge sentences him to 100 days for contempt of court, but Ray continues his tirade.

“I don’t care,” Ray shot back. “For what? Because of two EPOs and a mother****ing criminal mischief case?”

But incredibly, Ray wasn’t quite finished with his angry outburst. As he was being led away, he decided to reiterate his physical threat to the judge.

“If I see you outside on the street, I’m going to smack the **** out of you,” Ray said.

That was enough for the judge to tack another another terroristic threatening charge, bringing his total number of outstanding criminal charges to 10 – more than double the amount he started the hearing with.

The video ends with the exasperated police officer offering his thoughts to the judge.

“He’s special,” the officer says. “He really is. It took a lot of convincing just to get him here.”

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