N.B. high school students build on tiny home movement

WATCH ABOVE: Hillsborough High School students are getting hands-on training in home construction by building their first tiny home. Global’s Shelley Steeves has the story.

Grade 11 students at Caledonia Regional High School in Hillsborough are helping build up the tiny home movement in New Brunswick.

The students decided to build a tiny home as a educational project, according to skills and trades teacher Michael Robertson.

The junior contractors found a client, and for the first time ever in the province, they designed and are now fabricating a tiny home from the ground up.

“The kids were really excited about these tiny houses, there was a lot of buzz and a lot of kids talking about it, and they said ‘hey how come we can’t build one of those,'” Robertson said.

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Robertson, a Red Seal carpenter by trade, is teaching students all about framing and residential finish work.

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“We have a Red Seal electrician come in to help with the wiring, so the kids are going to get to work with a Red Seal electrician, and they will get to work with a Red Seal plumber,” Robertson said.

He hopes hopes that by exposing the students to a variety of trades, more will be encouraged to take up a trade after they graduate, especially given the shortage of trades workers in the province.

Ben Steeves is a student in the program who plans to go on to study a trade when he finishes high school.

“I am actually getting to learn stuff you are going to use throughout your life,” Steeves said.

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Their first tiny home is going to a family in Belleisle. It has a mere 250 square feet of living space, which includes a master and a guest loft, full-sized fridge and stove and shower.

The price tag for the tiny home is about $25,000. Because the students work for free, the cost covers materials only.

Their first home will take until sometime next March to complete, but Robertson said, it won’t be the last of its kind.

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“Next year we have one that is going to Saint John, so it is kind of awesome that these kids are building these and they are going all over the province.”

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