The internet is up in arms about Apple’s emoji update, especially the peach

(L-R) old peach emoji and new peach emoji. Twitter

The days of the cute peach “backside” emoji are over.

Apple’s 10.2 update has bestowed upon smartphone users a shrugging emoji and a face-palm emoji, but the company is removing the old peach emoji. The new replacement no longer looks like a tiny cartoon bum.

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With the new iOS, users get complete access to Unicode 9.0 and a whole new suite of emojis, which includes an avocado and a series of new professions like an astronaut, lawyer and artist for both men and women (of all skin tones!).

Other emoji updates include some very 2016 additions like a clown, Harambe (or just a gorilla) and a disembodied arm taking a selfie.

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People on social media are mourning the death of the old peach emoji, which many refer to as a “sexting emoji.”

What emoji will Kim Kardashian, the real-life human peach emoji, attach to all of her selfies now?

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