What has happened in the world since the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series?

Click to play video: 'What has happened in the world since the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series?' What has happened in the world since the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series?
WATCH ABOVE: How long has it been since Chicago Cubs fans saw their team win the World Series? This list of important historical events since 1908 will help explain – Oct 26, 2016

If you know anything about baseball, then you’re probably familiar with just how feeble the Chicago Cubs have been for more than a century.

It’s been 108 years since Chicago won the World Series, and 71 years since the Cubs even made it to the Fall Classic.

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Multiple generations of Cubs fans have lived and died without ever seeing a title won.

To put that in baseball terms, the Cubs have played approximately 157,464 innings of regular season baseball since October 1908.

Sometimes sports droughts can make time stand still, and it becomes difficult to contextualize just how futile an exercise of being a fan of a struggling team can be.

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So, what has happened in the decades since the Chicago last won the World Series? Here’s a time capsule:

  • Four stars have been added to the American flag (New Mexico, Arizona, Hawaii, Alaska)
  • Germany was defeated in two World Wars
  • 19 presidents have sat in the Oval office, including three who died on the job (Warren G. Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy)
  • Converse shoe company, founded in 1908, has sold more than 700 million pairs of sneakers
  • The Titanic was designed, built, sailed, sank, and was re-discovered
  • Halley’s comet, which has an orbital period of 75 years, has passed earth twice
PREMIUM — Halley’s comet soars over Denmark Date: 1910 Source: Axel Nygaard in ‘Klods-Hans’ (Denmark) 13 May 1910 page 693.
  • The automobile and airplane both become major forms of transportation, eventually helping lead to man landing on the moon
  • The Detroit Tigers, who lost to the Cubs in the 1908 World Series, have won four since then (1935, 1945, 1968, 1984)
  • 14 teams have been joined MLB since then, and have combined to win eight titles
  • The Montreal Canadiens (24) and Toronto Maple Leafs (13) have combined to capture 37 Stanley Cup championships
<img class="size-full wp-image-3027112" src="; alt="April 19, 1963 — STANLEY CUP VICTORS IN TORONTO — The Stanley Cup has place of honour at head of victory parade of Maple Leafs to City Hall in downtown Toronto. Team Captain, George Armstrong holds trophy amid din of cheers and whistles. Crowd estimated at 60,000 – compared with last year's 100,000 – was lined eight deep on both sides of Bay St. to acclaim hockey champions. Photo by James Lewcun/The Globe and Mail.
  • Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier created the Canadian Navy (1910)
  • The Halifax Explosion levelled the city, killing more than 1,000 people and destroying some 6,000 homes (1917)
  • Canadian women won the right to vote in federal elections (1918)
This photo of Lillian Beynon Thomas (back left), Winona Dixon (back right), Dr. Mary Crawford (front left) and Amelia Burrito (front left) who presented the final petition for women’s suffrage on December 23, 1915 to the Manitoba Legislature and other documents related to the passing of a 1916 amendment to the Manitoba Elections Act were on display at the Manitoba Archives in Winnipeg, Saturday, January 9, 2016. The amendment to the Manitoba Elections Act allowing women to vote, the first such legislation in Canada, was passed on January 28, 1916, and celebrates its centenary this year. THE CANADIAN PRESS/John Woods.
  • The Royal North West Mounted Police and Dominion Police merge to form the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (1920)
  • The Bank of Canada was created by Parliament (1934)
  • Newfoundland entered confederation in (1949)
  • The current Canadian flag was introduced (1965)
  • The “loonie” is put into circulation (1987)
A Canadian dollar or loonie is pictured in North Vancouver, on March 5, 2014. A big bounce in energy prices and strength in metals sent the Canadian dollar soaring to its highest level since last summer.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward
  • The USSR was created (1922) and crumbled (1991) within a 69 year span — still 39 years shorter than the Cubs’ drought
  • The average life expectancy of an American man has increased by nearly 27 years since 1908, rising from 52.8 years to 76.2 years.
  • The music genres of Jazz, Bluegrass, Rock, Reggae, R&B, Punk, Metal, Hip Hop and Rap were popularized
  • The four members of The Beatles were all born at least 32 years after the most recent Cubs’ World Series win

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