WATCH: Motorcycle mob surrounds Toronto police car, pulls ‘dangerous’ stunts at high speed

WATCH ABOVE: Several bikers traveling along the Gardiner Expressway were seen on a video posted to Instagram surrounding a Toronto police cruiser with some motorcyclists popping wheelies.

Toronto police are calling the behaviour of a group of motorcyclists “dangerous” after a video posted on Instagram shows drivers popping wheelies and surrounding a police car with some popping wheelies.

The video posted Tuesday on the Toronto Bike Meets Instagram page shows multiple motorcycles and a grey police car traveling westbound on the Gardiner Expressway near High Park.

“Any time we see anyone operating a motor vehicle in a dangerous fashion it puts the public at risk and in this particular case, I think it is plainly obvious that the person most at risk were the individuals doing the wheelies,” Const. Clint Stibbe told Global News Wednesday.

“If the officer was to engage in a pursuit (and) let’s assume they focused on one individual, usually with a pack mentality if one motorcycle takes off, the whole pack will take off,” he said.

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“Now we run into a situation with one motorcycle taking off turns into 10 motorcycles taking off … all it takes is one motorcycle to fall down and the next thing you know we have two, three, five, 10 bikes go down as a result of a multi-vehicle collision.”

Stibbe said Toronto police cruisers are equipped with HD cameras that could assist with a potential investigation.

It is unknown what interaction police had before or after the video was shot, or when the incident was filmed.

No charge have been laid in connection with the incident and police could not confirm if an investigation has been launched.