New guidelines developed at U of C to help manage cholesterol

New cholesterol guidelines developed at Libin Cardiovascular Institute in Calgary Tue, Oct 11: There are new cholesterol guidelines to help reduce heart disease in Canada. They will set new protocols for screening and treatment and they were developed as part of a national study spear-headed by researchers at the Libin Cardiovascular Institute here in Calgary. Gary Bobrovitz has more.

Researchers at the University of Calgary School of Medicine have come up with a new plan to help the one-third of Canadians who suffer from high cholesterol.

Dr. Todd Anderson, with the Libin Cardiovascular Institute, said research suggests a multi-faceted approach to dealing with high cholesterol might be more effective than current methods.

The Calgary-led study has shown a combination of exercise, targeted medication and a Mediterranean-type diet are all important.

Don Kalancha, 63, who suffers from high cholesterol, has modified his diet to include at least three vegetables in every meal, as well as including small portions of meat and grains.

“So far it has worked very well. I have never had a heart attack ever.”

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Currently only half of Canadians who have cholesterol issues are undergoing treatment of any kind.

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The goal of this study is to increase the number of people who address their problem and hopefully save lives.