John Nuttal and Amanda Korody still a threat: Crown

VANCOUVER – A Crown lawyer says a British Columbia couple found guilty of masterminding a terrorist plot but then freed when a judge ruled they had been entrapped are still a danger to the public.

John Nuttall and Amanda Korody appeared via video at a Vancouver provincial court hearing called to consider if they should have to agree to a peace bond while an appeal is underway.

Crown lawyer Sharon Steele says the conditions of the bond have yet to be finalized, but Korody’s lawyer Mark Jette says they will likely be the same as bail terms now in place.

Nuttall and Korody are prohibited from visiting the B.C. legislature, the Canadian Forces Base in Esquimalt and any synagogue or Jewish school; they are also forbidden from having weapons and must report regularly to a bail supervisor.

They were found guilty last year of scheming to blow up the provincial legislature in 2013, but a judge overturned the finding ruling that the RCMP had manipulated the pair into carrying out the bomb plot.

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The peace bond hearings are scheduled to resume in January when the couple’s lawyers are expected to object to the admissibility of some of Crown’s evidence.