‘It didn’t feel that good’: Edmonton paper delivery boy, 13, receives first pink slip

Edmonton newspaper delivery boy, 13, receives first pink slip
WATCH ABOVE: A young Edmonton kid is learning a hard lesson. He knows what it's like to get his first job and now he knows what it's like to lose it. The 13-year-old is one of 600 in our city who've been told they're no longer needed. Quinn Ohler reports.

At just 13, Connor Piquette was just fired from his first job.

“It didn’t feel that good, losing a job,” the newspaper delivery boy said. “I really wasn’t expecting it.”

Piquette has been delivering the Edmonton Examiner every Wednesday after school for the past year.

“It was a good way to make money,” he said. “I enjoyed it.”

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But this Wednesday will be his last on the job. Postmedia said approximately 600 contract carriers who deliver the Edmonton Examiner received termination letters last week.

“We hereby terminate your Agreement with Postmedia effective August 24, 2016,” the letter, dated Aug. 10, read. “We are currently in the process of contracting new distributors for all areas within the Edmonton Examiner delivery network and it is our understanding many of these new distributors may be in contact with you to discuss the possibility of a new delivery contract for carrier services directly with them.”

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Nicole Piquette said the job – and losing it – were good life lessons for her son.

“He’s a kid who’s motivated to work and motivated by money so he was disappointed. I think it’s been a great first job because it’s taught responsibility and accountability and he was able to make a bit of spending money.”

But it might be Connor’s grandpa who is most upset. Every Wednesday, he delivered the papers alongside Connor.

“It was really great bonding time for them to spend that hour together,” Nicole said. “Honestly, I think my dad is disappointed it’s coming to an end, too.”

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Connor said he hasn’t heard from the new distribution company, although he’s not sure if he’ll seek reemployment.

“I’m turning 14 soon so I’ll be able to get a job maybe working at Subway or Sobeys.”

Postmedia provided a written statement to Global News on Tuesday afternoon:

“Postmedia has restructured our distribution model in Edmonton aligning our FlyerForce distribution system and Edmonton Examiner distribution system. As a result we have served notice to our direct carrier network that their contracts have been terminated,” vice president of communications Phyllise Gelfand said.

“We are now working with new distributors who we hope will be able to offer positions to many of our carriers. This was not an easy decision to make, but a necessary one. We appreciate the contributions our carriers have made and wish them well.”

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