‘The smell would knock you down’ neighbours speak out about unregistered dog rescue shelter

‘The smell would knock you down’ neighbours speak out about unregistered dog rescue shelter

WINNIPEG — Neighbours are speaking out after a dead puppy and sick dogs were found in an unregistered rescue shelter Tuesday.

A smell so strong, and a site so horrid, neighbours said they were shocked the city didn’t come and help sooner.

A neighbour said they begged the city to help, calling at least 15 times in a span of two years after seeing 10-20 dogs cooped up in what is being described as unsanitary conditions.

The city responded to Global News about these concerns with the following statement:

“Animal care and housing standards along with cruelty investigations fall under the Provincial Animal Care Act which is enforced through the Chief Veterinarian’s Office (CVO).  Concerns about animal welfare can be made to the CVO via their Animal Care Line.”

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One neighbour said, “You’d open her door and the dogs would be literally trying to get out.”

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This neighbour said she called 311 and animal services and felt her concerns fell on deaf ears.

The province responded to this by saying they are tight on resources and not able to enforce all places as hard as they try to.

“Limited resources or not, when you have multiple phone calls from concerned neighbours, the city should have stepped in and it would not have gotten as bad as it did,” said the neighbour who asked to remain anonymous.

The city said it cannot confirm the number of complaints received by neighbours due to privacy regulations. But, the city did say the Animal Services Agency did go to the home last week, after a complaint about excess animals.

Neighbours told Global News more than four dogs were pulled out of the house on Tuesday.

Now, a registered rescue has stepped in to look after at least four of the dogs that were rescued.

Manitoba’s Office of the Chief Veterinarian said rescue groups are required to be licensed under the animal care act. But, with a lack of resources, comes a lack of enforcement.

The office also adds, the investigation in to the unsanitary conditions the dogs were found in is in its earliest stages and no charges have been laid.

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