Calgary man responsible for Islamophobic graffiti spree at Tuscany LRT released on probation

One of five vehicles spray painted with hate graffiti Dec. 3, 2015. Nancy Hixt / Global News

The Calgary man who pled guilty to charges of mischief and inciting hatred after committing a spree of Islamophobic graffiti at the Tuscany LRT station in December, 2015 has been sentenced to eleven months behind bars.

Judge A.A. Fradsham ruled 27-year-old Kyle Mackenzie will spend a total of eleven months in jail, with credit for time served (a total credit of 338 days). He was released Friday with two years of probation for the counts of graffiti, inciting hatred, mischief and breaches of probation.

The judge presented a detailed document to the court, outlying the in-depth reasoning behind his verdict.

While the total monetary damage to the numerous vehicles he defaced with swastikas and terms like “Kill Musliums” is not yet known, the damage to City of Calgary owned property is estimated at $20,000.

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The conditions of his probation include attending assessment and completing counseling for substance abuse and psychiatric/psychological management at the Peter Lougheed Hospital in order to address his impulsiveness, anger management and interpersonal conflict.

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The judge acknowledged Mackenzie’s history of mental health issues that includes Asperger’s disorder, antisocial personality disorder with prominent traits of borderline personality disorder and alcohol and polysubstance use disorder. However, he did not find that Mackenzie’s described difficulties were a true mitigating factor in his offences.

Mackenzie had previously penned and read aloud several letters in court, in which he expressed remorse and stated that he had discovered Christianity.

“I would really like to be given the opportunity to make up for the things I’ve done in some way,” Mackenzie said. “Upon my release I plan to spread the word of the Lord and help people in any way I can.”

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