Lena Dunham wants to remove guns from ‘Jason Bourne’ ads

Lena Dunham reposted the photo of the defaced advertisement on Instagram, writing: 'Good idea'. Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Girls star Lena Dunham doesn’t want guns to appear in advertisements for the new Jason Bourne movie. At least, that’s the assumption everyone is making based on her recent Instagram interactions.

Producer Tami Sagher, who worked with Dunham on three seasons of Girls, took to the social media site to post a photo encouraging others to deface posters promoting the film to make it clear of guns.

She wrote, “Hey New Yorkers, what if we do some peeling & get rid of the guns in the Jason Bourne subway ads. So tired of guns.”

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Dunham was quick to show her support for the idea by posting the image on her own Instagram channel with the caption, “Good idea @tulipbone! Lets go!” which she later removed.

The specific ad in question shows Bourne star Matt Damon pointing a gun toward passersby. Given the recent shootings in the U.S., many have deemed the image offensive.

While promoting the new movie in Australia, Damon shared his thoughts on gun control in the United States and the rest of the world.

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In Dunham’s April newsletter, Lenny Letter, she included an essay from actress Julianne Moore that explains her personal feelings on the need for better gun safety regulations.

Throughout the essay, Moore and the Girls creator encourage their readers to join Everytown, an organization of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities.

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Matt Damon, who plays Jason Bourne in the gun-heavy action movie series, responded to NRA critics at the red-carpet European premiere of the new film.

“It’s such a hard conversation in America to have. It’s very emotional for people,” Damon said.

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Jason Bourne, the fifth movie in the Bourne franchise, is due for release on July 29.

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