City asks people affected by DWA in Saskatoon to reach out to friends, family for water

As thousands of people in six Saskatoon neighbourhoods deal with a drinking water advisory (DWA), city officials are asking them to reach out to family and friends in unaffected areas for potable water.

“We know most people will look after getting their own water and we’re hoping to make that a bit easier for residents,” said assistant fire chief Anthony Tataryn.

“Of course family, friends and employers in unaffected areas are encouraged to help where they can by allowing those people to fill jugs of potable water from their unaffected taps.”

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On Monday morning, a private contractor damaged a primary water line near McOrmond Drive, depressurizing the water distribution system.

It affected six neighbourhoods: Arbour Creek, Erindale, Evergreen, Forest Grove, University Heights S.C. and Willowgrove.

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The city issued a DWA for the neighbourhoods, meaning water should be boiled before being consumed – including brushing teeth, making ice cubes or washing fruits and vegetables.

The city has also set up water filling depots at fire hall No. 9 on Attridge Avenue and fire hall No. 5 on Central Avenue, where people can fill large, clean jugs.

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However, they are asking those who are able to get water from elsewhere to do so.

“If you are able to get a water supply from an unaffected area, please go that route,” Tataryn said.

“We want to keep the Fire Stations open for the folks who may not have that as an option.”

The DWA is expected to remain in place until at least Thursday.

Officials say due to the size and scope of the DWO, NotifyNow will be used on a daily basis to provide updates until the DWA is lifted.

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