Saskatoon city council votes to rename Circle Drive South Bridge after Gordie Howe

WATCH ABOVE: Saskatoon city Coun. Darren Hill talks about the overwhelming response to his proposal to rename the Circle Drive South Bridge after Gordie Howe, which was unanimously approved by city council.

Saskatoon city council has unanimously voted to rename the Circle Drive South Bridge after hockey legend Gordie Howe.

Coun. Darren Hill put forward a motion on Monday for the name change after the hockey great, who passed on June 10.

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This comes just four days after Hill proposed the idea on Facebook.

The post was viewed, shared or commented on by 65,000 people, the majority who were in favour of the change.

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Hill said it’s the most attention he’s seen generated by a single proposal in his 10 years on council.

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“I think that he really is the epitome of Saskatoon and what Saskatoon’s heart is when it comes to community and he always was willing to recognize where he came from,” Hill said.

Howe’s family will need to give council their blessing.

If they approve, signage on the bridge could be swapped out within three to four months.

Meaghan Craig contributed to this story