Saskatoon Transit increasing bus frequency on 8th Street corridor

Saskatoon Transit is trying to steer toward providing 7.5-minute bus frequency along 8th Street during morning and afternoon peak periods. File / Global News

Staring Sunday, July 3, Saskatoon Transit will be revving up service on 8th Street. Route changes aim to provide 7.5-minute frequency between buses during morning and afternoon peak periods.

“If you get on to 8th Street and you see the taillights of one of those buses going down the road and that’s the one you thought you wanted to get on, you shouldn’t have to wait to long before you see the headlights of the next one,” said Saskatoon Transit director Jim McDonald.

“This is an exciting step into the future.”

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According to city officials, bus service changes should allow for more convenience and a faster commutes for east-side riders. They are also expected to reduce wait times and missed connections.

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Buses on 8th Street are expected to provide 10-minute frequency during off-peak times on weekdays and 30-minute frequency on evenings and weekends.

To make this possible, Saskatoon Transit will be altering regularly scheduled routes. The changes include adjustments to 22 existing routes, five new ones and the retirement of six.

“I know, historically, people in Saskatoon don’t like to transfer but we’re talking about a different way of transferring and when the system is built fully, it will be something that will gain you a faster trip in the end,” McDonald said.

“Adjustments to existing routes may mean a change in routine and may mean a few extra minutes on the bus, but these changes will be beneficial to the overall transit system and the majority of bus riders.”

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All new routes and schedules for the 8th Street corridor and surrounding areas are available at the Saskatoon Transit website and at the transit customer service centre.

McDonald said transit is looking at increasing frequency on 22nd Street in 2017 and on Idylwyld Drive and Warman Road in 2018.

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