Free Shaw WiFi available at City of Saskatoon facilities

Visitors to Saskatoon city hall and several civic leisure facilities now have access to complimentary WiFi. Dayne Winter / Global News

SASKATOON – Complimentary Shaw Go WiFi is now available at 10 city-owned facilities. The City of Saskatoon announced the collaborative effort to create multiple channels for residents to access the information they need.

The service, made possible through a partnership with Shaw Communications Inc., is an initiative that came online Wednesday.

“Providing these services in collaboration with a great partner like the City of Saskatoon furthers our ability to deliver an enhanced connectivity experience to Canadians,” said Greg Pultz, Shaw’s vice-president of operations.

“The new WiFi services at key sites across Saskatoon will provide a cost-effective opportunity for people to stay more closely connected to their friends, family, and work colleagues while on-the-go.”

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Visitors can sign up for guest access on the Shaw Go WiFi network at city hall, the downtown transit terminal, Cosmo Civic Centre, Lakewood Civic Centre, Lawson Civic Centre, Lathey Pool, Mayfair Pool, ACT Arena, Gordie Howe Kinsmen Arena and the Holiday Park club house.

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To access the network on mobile devices, residents need to simply select “ShawGuest” from the list of available WiFi settings and following the on-screen instructions to connect.

“The Service Saskatoon public WiFi initiative will assist residents in connecting to the information they need on the internet including city programs and services,” said Pat Hyde, director of Service Saskatoon.

The WiFi initiative will expand with installation coming to an additional 27 city facilities.

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