Fall Out Boy ‘Ghostbusters’ theme song eviscerated by internet critics

LISTEN: Fall Out Boy's rendition of the 'Ghostbusters' theme song, featuring Missy Elliott.

Rock band Fall Out Boy has released its version of the Ghostbusters theme song (featuring Missy Elliott), and the internet is losing its collective mind.

Music publications and critics are lambasting the song, saying it pales in comparison to the original from the 1984 movie (as a refresher, here’s the classic theme song from the movie).

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From The Verge:

“I dare you to listen to Ghostbusters by Fall Out Boy ft. Missy Elliott, but if you play it in front of your teen’s friends I’ll call the police on you.”

From Cinema Blend:

“What is this amelodic nightmare fuel? The song keeps repeatedly telling me that it’s not afraid, but now I’m scared.”

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From Vanity Fair:

“This disastrously overproduced, Haunted-Mansion-goes-to-Warped-Tour cover strips away the original’s goofy charm, replacing it with pounding percussion and Patrick Stump’s signature nasal wail.”

From Time:

“Surely this cover will inspire some 9th grader to timidly pump their fists in the air before adding the track to their emo-goth playlist. Poor Missy Elliott’s guest verse does not improve the end result, but serves only to create a fervent desire that some editing genius would get rid of Fall Out Boy’s verses and just leave hers.”

In a nutshell: ouch.

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The Ghostbusters reboot has been buried in controversy since the first trailer was released in March. There are two camps: one thinks that the all-female version doesn’t do justice to the original film, while the other side claims the haters are being misogynistic.

The trailer for the film has the sad distinction of being the most “disliked” trailer ever posted to YouTube.

‘Ghostbusters’ opens in theatres across Canada on July 15, 2016.

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