Tesla Motors to ‘massively’ expand supercharger network in Ontario and Quebec

Tesla Motors is giving its network of high-powered charging stations in Ontario and Quebec a serious jolt.

The California-based carmaker announced Wednesday it plans to add five new charging locations to the 10 already installed in eastern Canada by the end of the summer.

Telsa recently opened its latest station in Grimbsy, Ont. last week which it says will allow drivers to travel between west New York, Niagara Falls, and into Toronto and Detroit.

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The new stations announced on Wednesday include Huntsville and Parry Sound in Ontario and Magog, Montreal and Riviere du Loup in Quebec.

Telsa says a supercharger station can add up to 200 km of range in as little as 20 minutes of charging.

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There are currently 18 supercharger stations across Canada — six in British Columbia, two in Alberta, eight in Ontario and two in Quebec.

Tesla says it currently has more than 600 supercharger stations and over 3,000 connectors worldwide.

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Pre-orders for Tesla Model 3, a vehicle being marketed to the general consumer with a starting price of US$35,000, has already reached over 320,000 and worth an estimated US$14 billion.

Production for the highly sought after electric vehicle model won’t go into production until the end of 2017.

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