Bruce MacLean turns 105 and celebrates with the community

WATCH: Bruce MacLean is a retired University of Toronto Math Professor, upstanding community member, and is 105!

TORONTO — Bruce MacLean has been living life to the fullest for the last 105 years. He’s still going strong, throwing his own birthday parties – not for himself, but to make others feel special.

“I think he really wants to celebrate everybody’s birthday here because he knows the people that come here on a frequent basis don’t have anything close to what we had in our life,” said MacLean’s daughter, Janice Fairweather.

A retired University of Toronto math professor, MacLean has lived an incredible life of giving back and playing sports. Yet teaching and mentoring students remains close to his heart.

“I never wanted to take an administrative job. I wanted to be a teacher and that’s been my love throughout the years” said MacLean.

“He’s remembered really fondly at the school. As recently as 2000, he established a bursary which provides financial aid for students to attend UTS, and his class of 1949 established an award in his honour” said Emma Jenkin, a spokeswoman at University Toronto Schools.

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“He makes a difference for the people that come here” says Bruce Bodden, vice president of Evangel Hall Mission.

“He cares about them and that’s the most important thing for people living on the street, to have someone who will be a champion for them and make them feel important”.

MacLean attributes his longevity to exercise, playing golf three times a week, and giving back to the community.