Coast Guard on scene after barge found listing in Squamish

Derelict barge poses threat in Howe Sound
WATCH: An abandoned boat in Howe Sound is threatening the water and marine life. As John Daly reports, the owner has been in the news before for similar problems.

Canadian Coast Guard are on scene after a barge was reported sinking in the Mamquam Blind Channel in Squamish.

Mayor Patricia Heintzman told Global News there is some heavy equipment on board and an environmental assessment is in progress.

Heintzman confirmed the barge belongs to Steven Larsen, the Squamish resident who brought derelict boats in the area before.

In the beginning of 2014, Larsen brought in a derelict freighter and a few months earlier, a tugboat that Larsen helped maintain sank off the coast of Squamish.

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