Alberta Premier Rachel Notley takes aim at ‘Leap Manifesto’ at NDP convention

EDMONTON – Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is taking aim at the so-called “Leap Manifesto” – a relatively radical policy blueprint driven by activists within the NDP that openly rejects pipeline development and calls for Canada to wean itself off fossil fuels.

Notley says her government has a plan that moves beyond manifestos and provides a detailed, principled and practical plan to tackle climate change and resource development.

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The premier’s address to the NDP convention in Edmonton comes as Notley’s government is furious about federal Leader Tom Mulcair’s openness to exploring ideas contained within the manifesto

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Future of Tom Mulcair as leader of NDP
Future of Tom Mulcair as leader of NDP

Mulcair faces a critical leadership review on Sunday where rank-and-file delegates will vote in Edmonton to determine if he should stay at the helm of the party.

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Prior to the vote, a joint resolution from the ridings of Toronto-Danforth and Vancouver-East that calls for a debate on policies that could flow from the manifesto will face a vote on the convention floor.

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Former federal NDP leader Audrey McLaughlin said there have been divides in the past with the federal party and provincial counterparts.