Motorcycling Easter bunny has kids and cops hopping in Dieppe

Click to play video: 'Motorcycling Easter bunny chased by kids and cops in Dieppe'
Motorcycling Easter bunny chased by kids and cops in Dieppe
WATCH ABOVE: On Easter Sunday, eyewitnesses spotted a man dressed in a bunny suit driving around Dieppe, it seemed as though he wasn't wearing a helmet. As Global’s Shelley Steeves reports, RCMP were on the lookout for the cruiser in a pink suit – Mar 28, 2016

An Easter bunny on a motorcycle in Dieppe almost found himself on the wrong side of the law Easter Sunday.

Stephane Comtois says he hopped on his biked dressed as the Easter bunny just to spread some cheer and a few laughs on Sunday afternoon.

“I figured, it’s a beautiful day kids will be playing outside, let’s start a ruckus,” Comtois told Global News.

Comtois ended up getting a lot more attention than he bargained for – a citizen called the RCMP on the “wascally wabbit,” turning Sunday’s egg hunt into a bunny hunt.

“The RCMP were looking for me so I did call in and they said the only concern was safety,” Comtois said.


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According to the RCMP it isn’t illegal to drive around in a bunny suit, but it is illegal not to wear a helmet or to have your view obstructed in any way.

However, Comtois says had that covered, otherwise he wouldn’t have hopped on his bike.

“I went with a military-style German helmet which fits in perfectly, which is perfectly legal and did what I had to do,” he said. “I can see perfectly fine out of that because the holes are big enough.”

No one from the RCMP was available to comment about cotton-tailed cruiser.

“Just seeing all the smiling faces was 100 percent worth it,” Comtois said.

Comtois says he spent most of the Easter weekend visiting patients at local hospitals as well as seniors homes and children with specials needs while dressed in the pink bunny suit.

He says the joy ride was really an after thought meant to make people smile. A cruise he does not regret and says he’ll likely do again next year.

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