What would cooked human meat taste like? A BBC host gets the answer

Does human flesh taste like pork, chicken or beef?.
Does human flesh taste like pork, chicken or beef?. J. Scott Applewhite, The Canadian Press

Warning: This contains material that some may find disturbing.

Have you ever wondered what cooked human meat tastes like?

BritLab’s The Secret of Everything, an online BBC show that aims to answer odd questions like that, aimed to find out.

Greg Foot (no, he doesn’t eat his foot), one of the show’s hosts, had a small piece of his thigh muscle removed. Taking it to a lab,  he discovered that half of that muscle was similar to chicken breast (tastes like chicken?), but it also had some muscle fibre similar to that found in beef.

Foot didn’t actually consume his own flesh (since it’s illegal in the United Kingdom to consume humans, including yourself), but he did settle on finding out what the aroma would be since our sense of smell is closely connected with our sensation of flavour.

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While at first Foot seems rather unimpressed with the aroma of his cooked leg meat, he later said that it “smells quite nice.” He equated it to being similar to “lamb and ale stew.”

Undoubtedly, this is the oddest in BritLabs’ series. Other questions The Secret of Everything has answered have been what it’s like being buried alive, a time-lapse of a pig decomposing and what happens when you’re shot.

While a search of the Canadian Criminal Code didn’t turn up anything on self-cannibalism (called autosarcophagy) or cannibalism at all, it is illegal to perform an indignity to a human body, which arguably consumption could be considered.


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