February 2, 2016 4:29 pm

Kate Winslet finally admits ‘Titanic’ truth: Rose ‘let’ Jack die

WATCH: Kate Winslet finally addresses that pesky 'Titanic' issue.


After internet film buffs have rued and contemplated the fate of Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) from Titanic for almost 20 years, Kate Winslet, who played Rose in the blockbuster movie, is finally admitting what every moviegoer argued: Jack could have survived the sinking of the ill-fated ship.

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On Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night, Winslet appeared as a guest and talked about multiple things (DiCaprio, Susan Sarandon’s breasts), but none grabbed attention quite like her quips about the 1997 romantic drama Titanic.

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Winslet basically conceded that Rose let Jack “freeze to death” as they floated in the water after the ship hit the iceberg.

“I think he could have actually fit on that bit of door,” admitted Winslet, referring to the door Rose rested on. In the movie, Jack chose to stay in the freezing water in order to let Rose live.

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Internet users have argued for years about Jack’s demise. Even science show Mythbusters tackled the issue, and found that the couple could have survived if they made better use of Rose’s flotation device.

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