Richmond doctor creates glasses to stop slouching from smartphone use

Click to play video: 'Richmond creates solution to fight slouching from smartphone use'
Richmond creates solution to fight slouching from smartphone use
WATCH: Technology, like smartphones, has people looking down a lot these days, and it’s resulted in more slouching. But as Ted Chernecki reports, a Richmond doctor has come up with a solution that has people sitting up for better posture – Feb 2, 2016

“When I pick up my daughter from the school, I look at all the kids coming out of the school, and you’d be surprised that 30% of them don’t have a normal posture,” says Dr. Vahid Sahiholnasab.

It’s motivated his company, Medical Wearable Solutions, to create special glasses that could motivate kids to sit of straight.

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The glasses are connected to smartphones via special sensors, which trigger a warning if a head droops too far down. A parent can also change the settings so a phone shuts down after a certain number of warnings.

“The way you treat your spine the first 15 years of your life will define how your posture will be the rest of your life,” says Sahiholnasab.

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“Eventually, having a poor posture will affect how you can run, how you can do sports, and can affect back pain and neck pain.”

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