February 1, 2016 10:24 am
Updated: February 1, 2016 11:13 am

Most Canadians happy with life, but the ones who aren’t are downright miserable: poll

Majority of Canadians are pretty happy with their lives according to an Angus Reid poll.


WINNIPEG — A majority of Canadians say they’re “pretty happy” and “satisfied” with their overall quality of life, according to a new Angus Reid poll.

However, one-in-six Canadians are “unhappy” and tend to be dissatisfied with most aspects of life, like romance, health and finances.

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Canadians aged 55 and older are slightly more likely than other age groups to describe themselves as “very happy”, and significantly less likely to say they are unhappy, according to the poll.

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The poll labelled this group as the “Golden Oldies”, and they tended to be the only group who were satisfied with every aspect of life.

The group labelled “Married with Kids” tended to be younger, and were satisfied with their love lives and relationships, but dissatisfied with their stress levels and financial situations.

Then there were those who were dissatisfied with every measure of life satisfaction that was surveyed in the poll. They were called the “Unhappy” group. The group had almost the exact same age make-up as the “Married with Kids”, but tended to have lower income, employment and home-ownership.


The poll also found age was not the only factor that contributed to happiness. It showed there were significant regional differences in the percentage of respondents who say they are “very happy”. For example, 19 per cent of respondents in Manitoba reported being “very happy”, and only nine per cent of those living in the Atlantic region said the same.



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