January 28, 2016 4:10 pm
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WATCH: Female skier takes terrifying tumble down 300-metre cliff in Alaska

WATCH ABOVE: Skier survives terrifying tumble down 1000 ft. cliff in Alaska.


A professional skier is speaking out about her close call after losing her balance and tumbling 300 metres in a spectacular fall down an Alaskan mountainside.

Big-mountain skier Angel Collinson was filming the skiing documentary “Paradise Waits” last spring on Alaska’s scenic Neacola mountain range when she fell on a particularly steep decline – and couldn’t stop herself.

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“Well, it’s interesting in those situations, I think when things in life become really serious not a lot goes through your mind, you’re focused on what’s happening right then,” Collinson told British broadcaster Sky News on Tuesday, speaking from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Video of Collinson tumbling head-over-heels down the mountain was captured by a camera operator in a helicopter shooting the documentary.

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Adding to the video’s impact, Collinson’s microphone is on and recording for the entire fall, capturing the roar of the high-speed tumble down the mountain as well as her grunts and groans.

“At first I tried to slow myself down with my arms, then I realized I was going too fast and that I wasn’t going to slow down anytime soon. So I covered my face and my head with my arms and I tried to relax the rest of my body and there was not a lot going through my mind except for, ‘I hope I stop as soon as possible.’”

Amazingly, Collinson walked away with only “two sprained fingers and a bit of bruising” after the accident.

A video of the fall has since gone viral after being released on YouTube by the filmmakers Jan. 21 to promote ski safety.

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“You’re not going to be on terrain like that, so that’s a good sign, most people won’t be,” Collinson joked. “But I think the biggest take away is that the human body is pretty dang resilient and skiing is a really fun sport and a lot of people push themselves on a daily basis and everyone gets better at skiing and has a great time.”

“I just tomahawked down 1,000 feet and I’m fine so you should go out and have a great time skiing and not be too worried about what’s going to happen bacause you’re probably going to be okay.”

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