Matthew Perry ‘can’t remember’ three years of filming ‘Friends’

‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry says he can’t remember filming parts of the show
WATCH ABOVE: 'Friends' star Matthew Perry says he can't remember filming parts of the show

Canadian Friends star Matthew Perry battled addiction for several years, and it ended up having far-reaching repercussions on his life.

Perry, 46, revealed to BBC Radio 2 on Monday that he “can’t remember” three years of filming the hit sitcom because of his substance abuse. He’s currently in London preparing for the play The End of Longing and, as an result, won’t make the upcoming NBC Friends reunion.

When asked what his least-favourite Friends episode was, Perry replied, “Oh my goodness, I think the answer is I don’t remember three years of it. So none of those… somewhere between Season 3 and 6.” The actor added, “[For] a little bit of the time, I was a little out of it, yeah.”

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Perry started abusing painkillers when he was prescribed them after a jet-ski accident in 1997; the actor was already imbibing in alcohol rather heavily in his personal life, but the pills added another layer.

“I [took them] and I felt better than I ever felt in my entire life,” Perry disclosed to People magazine in 2013. “I had a big problem with pills and alcohol, and I couldn’t stop.”
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Now sober, Perry’s weight fluctuated visibly on Friends, and it eventually became a major problem, leading to two rehab stints in his 20s.

“It was going on before Friends, but it’s a progressive disease,” said Perry to People. “I was never high at work, but I was painfully hungover.”

“Eventually things got so bad I couldn’t hide it and everybody knew,” he admitted. “I was a hopelessly narcissistic guy, and I only thought about myself, and then that just shifted, and when that happened, I got some true happiness and comfort in my life.”

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Perry is now an advocate for non-violent drug offenders to be rehabilitated through treatment instead of going to jail.

NBC is broadcasting a two-hour special featuring the cast reunions of some of its biggest shows (including Friends) in honour of veteran sitcom director James Burrows. Burrows recently helmed his 1000th episode, and NBC is seeking to pay tribute to his work over the years.

Aside from Friends actors, TV Line is reporting that casts from Taxi, CheersFrasier and Will & Grace will also attend. The stars of current Burrows programs, including The Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly, will also appear.

The special will air on Sunday, Feb. 21 at 9 p.m. ET.

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