Calgary photographers locate mystery couple who got engaged in Banff

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Mystery engagement photo couple indentified
WATCH: Facebook users have identified the man and woman behind a breathtaking picture that went viral. Online Reporter Melissa Ramsay has details. – Jan 18, 2016

CALGARY – A photo of a proposal on a snow-covered mountain in Banff National Park went viral over the weekend as social media users tried to identify the couple.

Calgary photographers Diane Scaman and Mike Tan captured the intimate moment while doing a photo shoot in Banff on Dec. 30.

The picture shows a man down on one knee, proposing to a woman in a long coat.

Despite getting a picture of the magical moment, the photographers didn’t get a chance to get the name of the man or his new fiance.

In a bid to find the mystery couple, the photographers shared the image on Facebook on Sunday, hoping someone might know them.

Users were able to identify the couple as Karla Bliss and Stu Bilodeau from Invermere, B.C.

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Facebook / Diane + Mike Photography

Bilodeau told Global News he’s incredibly thankful for the photographers and those who helped track them down.

“It’s an amazing picture and I’m glad people liked it,” Bilodeau said. “I’m obviously very happy she said yes. I was pretty sure she was going to.”

He said the proposal initially seemed like it might fall apart because of a newly married couple who were wandering over to the picturesque spot.

“When I was standing there, this bride and groom were coming right down to exactly where I was standing, and I had to kind of nicely say, ‘hey guys, I see what you’re coming to do, but I’m actually waiting here for my girlfriend whose coming to meet me… and I’m going to propose.’  And they were kind enough to kind of move off to the side.”

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The bride and groom where actually the reason photographers Diane and Mike were at the mountain; they were shooting their wedding photos.

“Their photographer had captured the moment,” Bilodeau said.

“I had it planned out, and I was hoping it was going to be as epic and picturesque as I was hoping… and it definitely turned out that way.”

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